Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 Interests

Gotham City Impostors
Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Mass Effect 3
Dead Island
Halo 4
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
Gears of War 3
Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Halo Anniversary
DarkSiders 2

Besides that I am not impressed with this years E3 game debuts.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Final Game!!!

SHOOT THE SPACESHIPS! Press arrow keys to move, and press spacebar to shoot. There is no goal, just stay alive!


I decided to make this fighter type game because I love those types of games and I didn't want to add on to the pong game( I knew too many were going to do that).
This game took me forever to make mostly because the splash screen, array to array collision, and trying to figure out how to refresh after dying or winning.
The splash screen is basically a array(since I didn't know how to remove a individual symbol) of symbols. I used 5 arrays, because I was comfortable making them. 1st array for the score, 2nd for the player's knives, 3rd for the randomly generated enemies, 4th for the enemy's fireballs, and 5th for the splash screen. I used numerous classes, so I bet I could of made it easier with better direction. I used rubber ducks as the player because my girlfriend collects them as a hobby and the spaceships because they remind me of futurama.... The knives, I have no idea.
I will try to expand apawn this game later, make a little more challenging or add some more variety.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rubber Ducky Bounce or Rubber Ducky Revenge!

Rubber Ducky Bounce or Rubber Ducky Revenge!

I will be starting a completely new game than the pong game, but still deciding between two different games. I will do this on my own without any partnership with anyone else.

The first game will be a basic “bounce” game. Incorporating the angle direction with hitting the paddle in the pong game it will be when the mouse clicks on the ball, it will go wherever based on where it is clicked. The ball will have a restricts to how high it can go and an angle to it coming up and down based on where the ball is clicked. The ball will not get harder to click the more times it is hit in the air. It will be a endurance. There will be high score counter and a normal counter based on how many times the ball is clicked without touching the base of the window. The ball will be a rubber ducky instead (aka rubber ducky bounce). This game will start with the click of a mouse and then will be played based on the mouse clicking and mouse movement. I hope to put a sound of a squeaking rubber duck every time clicked.

The second game is a bit more difficult. This still has a bit more thinking to do.
This game will be either a rubber duck walking through a level with scrolling background or a rubber duck flying and shooting down other things (different rubber ducks, planes, whatever.), most likely the flying duck. The controls will either be up and down the y axis or will move all around (up, down, all round). The opponents will fly in from the right side and shoot at the user and will only shoot at the user if in their sights, not at random. There will be random objects that are not destroyable and will destroy to user if it hit the rubber duck. The user will use a mouse and click or the arrow keys and spacebar for controlling the rubber duck. The opponents will move slowly toward the left side of the screen. The sound will be a rubber duck squeak when it fires and a blast sound when it hits the opponent. After a certain amount of time there will be a boss that will appear that will have a larger life span than the normal opponents.

I am thinking more of the Rubber Duck Bounce game just because it will be easier to create and not to difficult to comprehend. But to do Rubber Ducky Revenge would be a neat achievement if done appropriately.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project 5: First Game

-Pong paddle does hit the ball depending on where it hits the paddle.
-The bears(targets) are at different speeds.
-If you play it in flash, it will output a hitcount, high score depending if you exit the game, and how many times you lost since last entered.

Tried to go score in game, but couldn't get it to work appropriately.
Will try to expand apawn this later.

Removed for repairs. haha A bit glitchy. But is added now. Removed because the text on the stage makes it glitchy. Maybe because it is called every frame.

Here is the code:
import flash.display.MovieClip;
import flash.events.Event;
import flash.ui.Mouse;
import flash.media.Sound;
import flash.text.*;

public class FirstGame extends MovieClip
var myText:String;
var myText1:String;
var myText2:String;
var myTextBox:TextField;
var myTextBox1:TextField;
var myTextBox2:TextField;

var player:MovieClip;
var ball:MovieClip;
var vx:Number;
var vy:Number;
var losercount:Number;
var hitcount:Number;
var hs:Number;
var t1:MovieClip;
var t2:MovieClip;
var t3:MovieClip;
var maxVx:Number = 15;
var targetyx:Number = 5;
var block:MovieClip;

public function FirstGame()
player = new SpaceShipcopy;
ball = new Aircopy;
t1 = new Rupertcopy;
t2 = new Rupertcopy;
t3 = new Rupertcopy;
block = new AutoBotscopy;
block.scaleX = .2;
block.scaleY = .2;
ball.scaleX = .18;
ball.scaleY = .18;
t1.scaleX = .15;
t1.scaleY = .15;
t2.scaleX = .15;
t2.scaleY = .15;
t3.scaleX = .15;
t3.scaleY = .15;
player.scaleX = .3;
player.scaleY = .2;
vx = 5;
vy = 5;
losercount = 0;
hitcount = 0;
hs = 0;



player.x = stage.stageWidth*.5;
player.y = stage.stageHeight*.85;
t1.x = stage.stageWidth*.15;
t1.y = stage.stageHeight*.2;
t2.x = stage.stageWidth*.75;
t2.y = stage.stageHeight*.25;
t3.x = stage.stageWidth*.35;
t3.y = stage.stageHeight*.3;
ball.x = stage.stageWidth*.3;
ball.y = stage.stageHeight*.1;
block.x = stage.stageWidth*.5;
block.y = stage.stageHeight*.1;
t1.vx = 6;
t1.vy = 5;
t2.vx = 15;
t2.vy = 5;
t3.vx = 9;
t3.vy = 5;

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onEnterFrame);

function onEnterFrame(event:Event):void




player.x = mouseX;

if(ball.x > stage.stageWidth || ball.x < 0)
vx = -vx;


if(ball.y > stage.stageHeight)
ball.x = stage.stageWidth*.3;
ball.y = stage.stageHeight*.1;
losercount += 1;
trace("You are a loser " + losercount + " times over...");
vx = 5;
vy = 5;

if(hs >= hitcount)
trace("You had " + hitcount + " hits!");

if(hs < hitcount)
hs = hitcount;
trace("NEW HIGH SCORE!");
trace("High score: " + hs);
hitcount = 0;


if( ball.y < 0)
vy = -vy;

ball.x += vx;
ball.y += vy;
ball.rotation += 5;



function addText():void
myText= "Hitcount = " + hitcount + " Highscore = " + hs + " Loser = " + losercount;
myTextBox = new TextField();
myTextBox.text = myText;
myTextBox.x = stage.stageWidth*.1;
myTextBox.y = stage.stageHeight*.9;
myTextBox.width = 100;
myTextBox.height = 50;
myTextBox.multiline = true;
myTextBox.wordWrap = true;
myTextBox.background = true;

var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
format.font = "Verdana";
format.color = 0xFF0000;
format.size = 10;

myTextBox.defaultTextFormat = format;

function ballPaddleCollision():void
var relativeX:Number=ball.x-player.x;
var relativePercentage:Number=(relativeX/player.width)*2;
var newVx:Number=(relativePercentage*maxVx);
hitcount += 1;

// If ball hits block, bounce off.


function moveThis(objectA:MovieClip):void
objectA.x += objectA.vx;
objectA.y += objectA.vy;

function bounceWall(objectA:MovieClip):void
objectA.x += objectA.vx;

function checkStageCollision(objectA:MovieClip):void
if (objectA.x <= 0 || objectA.x > stage.stageWidth)
objectA.vx = - objectA.vx;
if (objectA.y <= 0 || objectA.y > stage.stageHeight)
objectA.vy = - objectA.vy;



Monday, April 25, 2011

Project 4: SWF File

When you first load the animation, it will show all 11 of the whatchamacallits. but if it is left playing for a few seconds, 2 of the whatchamacallits leave the window and don't come back. They are a alien face and a bear.
I used 5 programmed animations(2 of these leave at the beginning), 2 frame by frames, 2 motion tweens, and 2 classic tweens.

Project 4: SWF File


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Project 4: Reflective Essay

Matthew Sean Cleveland

DMF 203

Project 4: Reflective Essay

Throughout my life there have been numerous satisfying “interactive” experiences, but nothing compares to meeting my girlfriend, the best tennis match played, and getting hired at a creditable firm. I determined these as satisfying, because I can’t stop thinking about them as a meaningful achievement in my life. They are things that have formed me into who I am. They have brought out my true nature and showed my hard. Nothing compares to these great achievements. I have an indefinite amount of things in my life that I am thankful for, but for what is a truly satisfying experience, I have a bunch.

I will start off with least important, the best tennis match I have ever played. It happened my senior year of high school during the tennis season we were at districts tennis tournament, the tournament to decide who goes to state. I was in a bracket with around 4 other number 1 singles players. The first two matches went by easily. I even let them win a couple points. The next match was the one get me to state, and it was against the number 1 of Marshfield, Oregon. We had previously played earlier in the season, and I lost 6-1, 6-2, straight sets. He had to beaten a guy from Thurston who was seated 3 and also, lost before in 2 different matches, one would have gotten me to state last year. I was already tired from the previous matches and not thinking to highly of myself. The very first set I won easily, 6-2. I took a bathroom break and couldn’t stop high fiving myself because the win was near, yet I was skeptical. The second set however, he easily won 4 games right off the bat. During a switchover, I remember telling him how much it sucks to work your whole life to not have any reward, but I don’t think he heard me. Throughout that set I showed signs of me giving up by immature acts. Nothing I am proud of. The second set ended, 4-6. I was able to pull out a couple games. The next and final set was full blown war, we both pulled everything out. The points seemed endless. We played our hardest, winning only on our serves. I even did a between the legs. Every game I thought, how did I get this far and how will I continue. Every point won felt heroic, while every point lost felt tragic. After I broke (won) his serve, all stress stopped even though it wasn’t over. I only had to win one more game to win the match. The crowd watching our match was enormous. We were the last match and since it was at Thurston, most people weren’t rooting for me. I aced him the first point and the crowd erupted and cheers. The next couple points that finalized my victory were effortless, since he knew the inevitable. After the match, I couldn’t stop being in my joyous moment, yet, felt sympathy for my opponent. He was nice and respectful and a freshmen and had 3 more years to complete what I had to complete. After 10 years of learning tennis, my hard work paid off.

The second best experience and less descriptive is my first creditable job. On the Monday night after my high school graduation, my dad asked if I wanted a job. I didn’t have a job that I wanted to do, since I was working at SOU in their mail room and didn’t respect how easy it was. So, of course I said yes. The next 4 months until school started, I worked at my dad’s engineering firm as the clerical assistant. Worked from 8am till 5pm with minimum breaks and constant work with the best coworkers I could ever work with. I sorted files, ran errands, did yard work, helped clean up and whatever else they asked me to do. Every once in a while I will continue that same job, whenever they need help. That job has helped me get my internship at a IT firm working for the Rogue Valley Manor and has helped get me some creditability as a individual. Just knowing that I have been through a truly hard working job, makes me know that I have the ability to succeed in life.

The best experience in my life is meeting my girlfriend, Morgan. I first met her in October, 2009 while going to lunch with a friend. We were only introduced, but nothing much. The next time was while I was doing chemistry homework in the chemistry hall. She sat right next to me, and we kicked it off right away chatting about anything and everything. I thought she was not interested in me until the next march when we spend numerous days together. I didn’t ask her out, just accidently said I loved her and she admitted she felt the same way. Since then, we have dated for over a year and it has been the best year of my life. I know there will be many years to come.

All of these experiences will add to my designs of interactive media. I don’t know how exactly, but everything adds a certain element that makes it more perfected and enjoyable. These experiences differ because they show something different of myself, by determination, hard work, and love. Besides getting to know Morgan and going through the stress of not knowing who to act like to get Morgan to like me (conscious), the tennis match and my job were animal instincts (subconscious). I knew what to do in the situation and what to do to achieve the goal at hand.